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brain serves you to learn new things, while the things you already know are a given. I am writing this down so meticulously so younger schoolchildren could also understand me in the future.
When Kiki, also known as Yellow, which was his nickname because he was all yellow due to his feathers (which is a very common characteristic of canaries), once saw that the windows were wide open – and since he was not in his cage but was, as usu- al, stomping on my learned head, so much that his feet must’ve hurt from all the info oozing out of it – he flew out without blink- ing an eye for the purpose of breaking free, directly into a group of sparrows on the nearby poplar, in spite of the fact that we were on the fourth floor. I forgot to mention that Kiki was wearing his wings defensively because of all the floors, so rushing out the window from the fourth floor by no means implied courage on his part, and I was left feeling grief and sorrow for yet another lost pet. Courage, on the other hand, was my crazy attempt at flying out with an umbrella, which my folks immediately and forever forbade and got out of my head, and every attempt at get- ting something out of one’s head begins with kicking one’s ass, because it was a brand-new umbrella, the likes of which were held in high regard at the time. Are you crazy, son?!
− Get up, please, and would you be so kind as to summarize what I have been saying so far!?
I bravely got up, displeased at the fact that I was being asked questions non-stop as if I were the only one in class, and started talking about the joy that the sparrows experienced when a yellow sparrow, a bird they’d previously only seen in televi- sion cartoons, dove off into them out of nowhere. It’s impossible

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