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also get a long and warm friendship, so he initially cared more about how to get his things into his apartment on the twelfth floor without anybody stealing or breaking everything along the way.
It was an apartment abandoned due to property and legal relations; you see, a dead person resided in it for two months and fourteen days, so it smelled to high heaven all the way down to the third floor, and no one realized what was going on. So, it was impossible to find out whose apartment it was, because the dead don’t answer questions. In the end, my friend got it, and justly so, and he only got it because he’d lost his sight, which is a big ad- vantage when they dispense apartments hand over fist, especially on the twelfth floor. He has nothing to fear when he looks down from that height, as he doesn’t see anything whether he’s looking up or down. He doesn’t know which way he’s looking anyway.
Blindness is a grand and difficult vice that manifests itself in difficulties pertaining to orientation and movement in space, so a blind person, as they don’t use sight, moves through space and time exclusively by relying on hearing and touch. There, they have an enormous advantage over others, as they had these senses sharpened to their full extent and developed to unimagina- ble proportions. They also use their feet. Their sense of touch is extended by means of a long white cane, which is even officially called a white cane. It is a stick that pulls into itself in times of unnecessity, or when it does not serve its purpose, so you can put it in a bag if you haven’t forgotten it at home. When it appears in other colors, it is used for fishing, which has absolutely nothing to do with the blind, because they are not sensitive to colors. In fact, they rest their eyes all the time and save them for sleep as they have no use for them during the day.
Blindy – that friend of mine – and I became friends by ac- cident and in a flash only a few weeks later – those are the best friendships. It happened when he made me laugh in the store by knocking down everything that was standing in his way, just like

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