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if we had one, it certainly wouldn’t be able to go 140 km/h, and secondly and most importantly, because it was a math problem.
− Let’s hear it!
− Exactly 38 min.
− Kids, did anyone else do the math? Marta, let me hear
what you have to say! − 18 min.
− Correct! And how did you, smartass, conclude it was 38 minutes?
− Because when you add 20 to 18, you get exactly 38.
− Do explain, why should one add 20 minutes to 18?
− Because it took those poor souls exactly that much time
to change their flat tire and wash their hands. The tire, funnily enough, got punctured while you were asking the question.
He said that was not nearly enough for a D. Makes you wan- na slit your wrists.
My old man would come home from the battlefield every other weekend to have a good wash and get some sleep, but that wasn’t nearly enough to cure my stuttering.
− What in God’s name is this – on top of everything, our boy started stuttering, too?
My old man was bewildered when I said h h hh hii to him. − What do you mean? The kid stutters whatever he utters! − Why on earth is that?
− Because he doesn’t speak in a flowing manner! Here you
go, read this!
So, my ma took out the prescriptions and everything else
which made it clear she was right to beg him to come home, and if not for her, because of me and my stuttering. Allegedly, at least that’s what my old man claimed, it is possible to go to war volun- tarily, but it is not possible to return from it voluntarily, otherwise

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