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monitoring, support and participation in war operations, one in charge of the air force and the other of the infantry. The largest number of people got involved in the latter because its system was well organized and well run.
The Air Force Staff was led by old Joža, who spent all of his life, almost all the way to his retirement, working for a beekeep- ing cooperative, and towards the very end of his working days, they rewarded him with a position at the Central Association of Bee-Keepers. When it came to the air force, he knew everything there was to know. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but bees don’t go to work on foot, they fly, and that was the main basis, source and reason behind old Joža’s knowledge about flying. Take bum- blebees, for example. No one understands how bumblebees fly. According to all the laws of physics and aerodynamics, a bum- blebee shouldn’t be able to fly at all. And yet it does. Most likely because it has never heard of the laws of physics or aerodynam- ics, because otherwise it would crash to the ground like a log, failing just as I very likely will on my physics test due to my ignorance of its laws. Scientists barely managed to figure out how a queen bee flies – only one Chinese physicist was suc- cessful at obtaining accurate results. He decided to get involved in politics instead of sticking to physics, so he had to keep bees as a punishment. One day, out of sheer boredom, he personally solved this enigma for the queen bee so they’d both have some- thing to remember each other by when thinking of the time they had spent together in her kingdom. When it comes to the drone, a sloth whose only duty is to be madly in love with the queen when the time for some lovin’ comes, there was no need to figure out anything, because it is common knowledge that when someone is madly in love, they are ready to do whatever it takes for their better half. Similarly, very often, those who were unlucky in love would fly off our Gigi. As soon as we would hear someone shout-

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