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ing “B E W A R E E E E E E !” through their balcony door, my ma would just make this casual remark from the kitchen:
− Another one bites the dust.
That’s why planes are never given names like Bumble-
bee, Ladybug, Drone, Suicide Squad or Cockchafer, but rather the names of real flyers and masters of heights, such as Falcon, Seagull, MiG 30, Eagle, Canary, Tupolev, Albatross, B-52 or oth- er birds.
I was less interested in the Infantry Command Staff because it was led by a retired mailman who mostly gave priority to the physical fitness of the infantry, so people would do exercises in the shelter all the damn time, and he also suggested that it would be best if the infantry delivered mail around the city as there was a need for that. Once we had all the knowledge and facts, it was necessary to come up with the best warfare strategy possible. After a lengthy discussion, which I was kicked out of three times because of my proposals, they finally decided upon a warfare strategy, which was practically based on all of my rejected pro- posals.
Since the enemy was undeniably superior when it came to technique and armament, it was necessary for us to use our wits to the fullest. In doing so, we used our comparative advantages, and these were our innate ingenuity and our skyline that has one of the most indented cloud systems in the world.
The plan was this: we were to sneak in and hide with our dipterans and hymenopterans in a bay below the clouds, set up an ambush, and wait for the enemy planes to fly into it with their superior equipment and weapons, to then jump out and take them on with anti-hail rockets, hot water boilers, knickerbockers, slings – fearing they’d take mine, I immediately hid it under my coat, and denied that I had one just like St. Peter denied Jesus – and, of course, Molotov cocktails. Whatever was left of them

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