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as his means of orientation is the same as a regular man without his sight.
− And don’t leave the apartment again while the elevator’s out during the alert, because on top of everything else, the thief uses that time to loot our apartments in search of valuables, and it would be extremely dangerous to run into such a bloodthirsty guy.
− And what do you think, my boy, is the reason I embarked on a tour of our building?
− In that case, the thief must already be trembling with fear. His vile quest will soon be over, because as soon as the blind man gets to him, the stutterer will immediately call for help. We really look like a legit special operations and anti-terrorism bat- talion. The only thing our patrol lacks is a highly trained stuffed dog so that the thief never dares set foot in our city, let alone our building.
− Mock all you want. Everyone must do whatever they can to prevent evil. And this must be a crazy and dangerous guy, so it’s smarter for you not to snoop around the building anymore. After all, it’s a matter for adults, even if they are blind.
He offered me caramels and, before retreating, took a watch out of his pocket and gave it to me for no reason or occasion, which I pointed out to him. After he gently waved off my remark, I kept the watch. And what else could I have done? I guess I didn’t want to offend him, too, on top of everything else. In the end, he thanked me for taking him to his apartment. In return, and with no remorse, he left me alone in front of his door at the mercy of the thief. Sometimes he was a little strange, which I would always forgive him with a heavy heart, only because at the end of the day, although he was so very nice, he was still an adult. And frankly, let’s not forget that he gave me a watch just moments ago. I rushed eight floors down to my apartment since they would lock the elevator during the alerts, careful not to run

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