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into the thief, who was most likely armed to the teeth. When I stormed into the apartment, I locked the door twice and didn’t know what to fear more, the alert or the thief, who just got a very good reason for stealing from us – my new watch. That time, howling Đuka’s song on the toilet was of no use, and I also locked the bathroom door twice just in case. I was still out of breath and gasping for air – those caramels must have been of the ordinary sort, not the ones that help you breathe.
My ma wasn’t home again because the people from the city’s alert association would sound the sirens at their own discre- tion and without any musical background, not taking any account whatsoever of whether the citizens had returned from work, so people would often be scattered around city shelters regardless of their place of residence. And because of such bad organization based on intimidation and confusion, I was left without dinner. I also spent a great deal of the night in the toilet, until my ma, freaked out because she didn’t have a clue as to where I was, accidentally found me and woke me up at exactly three hours, eleven minutes and fifty-nine seconds am, when she had to go to the toilet. I have to tell you that this watch is a true chronometer, it runs on its own and doesn’t ask any questions, and it also lights your way in the dark.

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