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course I did. So, if I want more, then what am I waiting for? I’m waiting for the waiter, who’s never there when you need him.
− One capricciosa, one Fanta and one beer.
That was no dinner, it was a struggle between life and death. In the end, it was no longer clear if I was eating the pizza or if the pizza was eating me. It was a typical example of when your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Fortunately, my old man helped me out at the most difficult moment, which, after all, is the whole purpose of parents. It was the most splendid day. A whole day with my old man, and to top it all off, I earned so much money that I could buy new sneakers, or a jersey, or a flashlight, plus that evening banquet as a cherry on top. And while I was taking my last sips of Fanta, my old man called the waiter to get the check.
− Three large capricciosas, two beers, three Fantas. Here you go, the total is 96 kunas and 20 lipas.
− The check is not for me, sir. The young gentleman will pay!
− Wait, dad, why me?!?
− Because today you’ve earned just as much as I did, and you have enough money to treat me to a meal, just like I always treat you.
Oh, how hard it was for me to pay for that, especially with the money I had earned with my sweat and blood, but in the end, I made peace with it because I had no other option, since my old man showed no willingness to pay, and the waiter seemed stronger than me. So I agreed to do it, because I guess anyone who makes money by working hard pays their costs with a heavy

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