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would howl at night, the TV and radio would howl as soon as you turned them on, the school and the city would do so whenever they felt like it, the door would whine and send shivers down your spine, and now even that car started howling out of sheer spite, as if it was being slaughtered, and it showed no intention of stopping anytime soon. All of my mates scrammed and hid wher- ever they could, and the whole school rushed to the windows to see who was stealing cars in broad daylight. Who? The same person who was stealing valuables.
Afterwards, I convinced the gang that the incident had oc- curred because the Jeep still didn’t know me well enough, that it was a bit frightened and wild, what with being alone in a for- eign city and all, and that maybe we were also partly to blame since we had come out of nowhere and started climbing all over it. Who wouldn’t be scared? You’ll see tomorrow, when I come with the keys.
The next day, in front of my entire gang threatening him with the police if he continued to tinker around with someone else’s car, a gentleman loaded his Jeep, put his family in it and continued his journey from Herzegovina to Austria without even dignifying my squad with a look, so I was forced to admit with a heavy heart that I’d had to sell the car to the guy the night before, because the Jeep couldn’t be subdued, tamed and wouldn’t get used to me. They didn’t believe me all too much.
Luckily, I still had Blindy. We ran into each other again at the store. I was drowning my defeat in ice cream, and Blindy was roaming around the flashlights. I was sure he was buying one for me, because, pardon my French, what the hell would he do with a flashlight, so I approached him to advise him on his purchase, because I guess I know better than anyone which one would suit me best. We chose the strongest one. It shone brighter during the

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