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with him, and it was normal for me to be a little angry with him given the circumstances.
My entire family’s mood was in my hands, which only meant that it had sunk very low, and I tried my best to raise it to a decent level, mostly to achieve victory of the spirit, which was so important in this war. I’ve already written about that, and it’s easiest to lose your spirit around family, especially if you can’t get everyone in one place, as was the case with me and my folks, since my ma was spending less and less time at home because she was always squatting in other people’ houses due to the alerts, and my old man was in Dubrovnik on vacation, and I in the toilet, where, I can assure you, spirit does not set foot even when it needs to go. Yesterday, I dragged two A’s all the way from school just to cheer up my ma, yet to no avail: front flip – A; back flip – A minus. She didn’t even laugh. I could have hoofed and rolled over like a clown as much as I liked, nothing of that had any effect on my mom’s mood. My old man, on the other hand, after a year and a half spent in Lika, Velebit and hanging out with bears, seemed to have been hit so hard by hibernation, connectivity issues and sulking over his arguments with my ma that he simply vanished into thin air.
I poured my poor heart out to Blindy.
− I’m afraid there’s something wrong with my old man. I’m not saying he’s gone completely mad, that he’s not playing with a full deck, but he’s not in his right mind. He just keeps qui- et or rambles on incoherently about cards, he argues with my ma about money, and even when he drinks, that doesn’t seem to cheer him up, and he drinks all the time. My ma even stated that he’d changed beyond recognition, which is an out-and-out lie

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