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And then, out of the blue, and for no solid reason at all, my ma suddenly changed 180 degrees. She was in good spirits, she hummed all the time, smelled almost like a walking deodorant, I stopped getting on her nerves, we would always cuddle and kiss, and school was no longer a problem. At least for her. For me, un- fortunately, it still was. I couldn’t believe my own two eyes when I saw what a hot babe my ma had suddenly turned into. She put on nail polish for the first time in two years, got highlights, and you wouldn’t believe what flashy red lipstick she put on her lips.
She must have reconciled with my old man. He probably called her at work, and they straightened everything out. My old man is as stubborn as a mule, but he still knows where to draw the line.
Those were the months of pure joy despite the alerts and the overall shitty situation. True, my ma would work long hours quite often, and she even had to go on some business trips, but she would always come back even happier. When she was home, she was on cloud nine, and every now and then she would also buy me gifts. In addition to reconciling with my old man, I fig- ured that she must have found out we would soon win the war, because only that could be the cause of such great happiness and contentment. I also discussed that a bit with my friend Blindy, but he, since he hadn’t been thoroughly briefed about the situation,

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