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my old man, who was still alive and kicking? This really is the
Of course, I rushed to my hideout like the wind, but even
the dogs were sick and tired of me by then, they were fed up with our family’s shit, so they ran away as soon as I came. What’s even worse, the song Hrvatine was already worn and torn from excessive use, and I couldn’t face Blindy after firing all sorts of insults at him when he tried telling me the truth about my ma three weeks earlier. A blind man saw three times better than I and my whole squad did with healthy eyes. That was the second night I spent in hiding.
When I returned, my ma wasn’t there, so I rummaged through the fridge and its cans and jars, because that was the only thing left to eat, and there was a letter on the table that was just impossible to read.
Dearest Son!
I’m sorry I hurt you, and maybe I was wrong to tell you all that at lunch and in that way. I thought you were already big enough to understand everything. Mom and Dad have been at odds for a long time, and Dad doesn’t care about you or me at all. Time is just passing by, I am still young, and like it or not, I have the right, despite the fact that I have a family (if I even do anymore) and despite the war, to a better and nicer life. If I am happy, you’ll be happier, too, as you have been these past couple of weeks. If two people don’t get along, why would they live together and make each other’s lives miserable? That’s not good for you either. As soon as Dad comes back, we’ll discuss everything like adults.
Love, Mom
Luckily, the alert went off at that exact moment, just like everything that was raging inside me came to a boil, so I had an extra reason to let it all out from both ends in the toilet. And so, all that stench and vomit marked the beginning of the second war

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