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managed to lift the spirits and morale of the opposing teams, but totally and irreversibly plunged our own.
As for people’s valuables, about which I haven’t written a word for a long time, so it might look like I’m a ruthless and heartless guy who doesn’t care about other people’s hardships, they were still the subject of great interest to our thief and his hobby, but I didn’t have time to get into that whole thing any- more.
One’s love life in times of war, about which I am forced to write at least something, is total crap. War itself yields so much torment, pain and suffering that you no longer have any need to invoke any additional torment, pain and suffering through love. That’s why it’s best to steer clear of it, and this advice could be used all the same in the times of peace, unless you’re in love. The only two happy love stories that I had the opportunity to witness during the war were the one between my ma and her guy and Marina’s love story. My ma and that jerk, and my Marina and that Dado guy. My old man, thank God, had no clue about any of it, and he would, according to the law of communicating vessels and the law of cause and effect, find out last, but I, on the other hand, knew everything, and according to an Eskimo proverb, he who possesses knowledge possesses the whole world. I spit on that world. That Dado guy struts with Marina before my very eyes every day during every break, and now even my ma’s jerk of a boyfriend, encouraged by such developments, started giving my ma rides home, and she, instead of slapping him across the face, always chitchats with him in the car for at least an hour.
And the car, dude, that’s no car, it’s a marvel of technol- ogy: rims, winter tires for all occasions and conditions, and a

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