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carburetor so perfect that it doesn’t seem to need any additional parts at all, there’s no rust, there’s all this short-trimmed lamb inside, wipers with two speeds and, the thing that the jerk likes to point out the most, great leather seats and shock absorbers, plus a bunch of other wonders that I’ve never even heard of, but they must exist, because the whip really moves well down the road. Yes, I hate the jerk from the bottom of my heart, but I adore his whip. I could forgive and forget and cut him some slack if he’d only take me for a ride in his whip a few times in front of my Marina and my school. Since he never did, I had to be cold-blooded and ruthless. When my ma would get home, she’d charge through the door to ask me:
- So, what do you think?
− It’s nothing special. I don’t like the green color, it lacks 17
cubic centimeters, 9 horsepower, acceleration to a hundred, but I hear that it has leather seats and good shock absorbers.
− I don’t understand a word you’re saying. I didn’t ask you about school, but what you thought about my friend.
− Oh, that? He would be really cool and the best of the best had I not already met my Dad. This way, so as not to insult Dad by comparing him to this clown, I have to say he’s just a nobody.
But my ma knew that I was lying through my teeth and that the jerk was prettier, richer, and maybe even younger than dad, if it is even possible to talk about youth when it comes to corps- es who are older than thirty. In reality, I liked him a bit, too. As it turns out, we are all supposed to go on a trip to Zagorje next Saturday, to the spa, if the day doesn’t start with alerts. I loved trips, and at my age, going to the spa will surely take the edge off.
− You know, he’s going to come clean to his wife on Mon- day. There’s no reason for them to have a nasty breakup and stop talking to each other when they have children together. He has

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