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other nonsense I had come up with too, but, fortunately, she im- mediately added:
− We have no choice but to get to work. So, we skipped an- other five periods, until we finally put together a terribly fright- ening note that we were afraid to read out loud, that’s how scary it was.
Stop with your buffoonery and tricks To dishonor other people’s wives
I’ll be coming for you with knives Wherever you try to hide
Zorro the Death Rider
We cried again for fifteen or sixteen minutes and fourteen seconds, and then Marina ran home to write it all on the comput- er, and we agreed to meet at five o’clock in the afternoon in the same place. She also opened up to me about how she never cried with Dado.
She arrived at exactly four minutes and thirty-nine seconds past five with a folder full of threatening letters. The text was quite a masterpiece, as if it had been written by Pythagoras him- self, that’s how precise and neat it was, and the background had a giant skull with two crossed bones, which I think were taken out of some part of the leg. I couldn’t believe my own two eyes when I saw what that computer of Marina’s could do. Freakin’ wow. If that threatening letter doesn’t kill the jerk right on the spot, I’ll be forced to send Marina’s computer to finish him off instead.
As soon as he drove up with my ma, he rushed to the store to get some cigarettes since I wasn’t around to fetch them for him as usual. Marina and I were hiding in the bushes, holding our breaths in fear of the job that awaited us. I used the fear and hiding to try and feel up Marina a bit, and she used them to slap me, which was a godsend, since I had forgotten all about

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