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the jerk as I would usually forget homework. And while the jerk was combing his hair before entering the store and while he was flirting with the saleswomen after getting inside, we covered his car with letters, and it looked like a no-posters-allowed kind of place. After we had also mailed him a certain number of letters, we had forty-seven of them left, which we, so as not to slack around, distributed around the neighborhood, putting them in mailboxes. When we finished the job, I treated Marina to some ice cream with the money that the jerk had given me the last time I saw him. We were happy and content after doing such an impor- tant and dangerous job without any casualties or complications whatsoever. We were looking at each other happily and fondly, and Marina’s beauty was, only seemingly, tarnished by the melt- ing chocolate from her ice cream, which was dripping down her fingers, as well as from her mouth over her chin and down her neck. My cheek still ached, reminding me of the size and the power of Marina’s love, because – with no fighting, there’s no kiss and make up.
I think Marina and I are dating again. ***
That night I slept like a baby, I had wonderful dreams, and I could hardly wait for the morning to see my Marina again. The bathroom procedure kept me so occupied and engaged and I spent so much time there that I ended up being late and arrived in front of the school last – but still early enough to hear the whole school buzzing about my ma screwing some jerk – and, sadly, early enough to see my Marina holding hands with Dado.
I had the biggest lump in my throat yet, perhaps even bigger than the one I had when my old man suddenly took off to war. I turned on my heel in front of the whole school plus the teachers’ council with my heart sinking into my boots, the heat that until recently was so buffed, shiny and polished, and headed to my

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