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need any of that stuff at the spa. The only thing we agreed on not needing was the kid, but she still wouldn’t let me put the rest of the stuff back into the cart. At home, we spent ten hours and fif- ty-four minutes making sandwiches and baking cakes. We decid- ed that nothing was going to stop us from going on that trip the next day, not even a red alert, because after so many war years, my digestive system had aged so much that it was already a little deaf and could no longer hear every siren, so I was no longer callously running up our skyscraper’s stairwell at every whistle. Anyway, just in case, we packed an extra pair of clothing for the area down south along with the food.
As I went to bed that night, I was overwhelmed by all the joy that had been hidden in all the corners of my body since the last disappointment in love and the last betrayal by a friend, and all I could think about was the next day’s trip, the car ride and swimming in pools, and I tried my best not to think about my old man so as not to completely ruin everything. I was looking forward to the pools and swimming so much that I didn’t even bother to wonder if I still knew how to swim.
In the morning, as agreed, step-jerk came to pick us up. We barely squeezed in all the things we had packed – it was enough to just take a quick look at that pile to immediately realize that we were swimming in abundance. There was no way for us to find out exactly what the temperature of the water in the spa was, so we were forced to take several swimsuits in case we got cold. My ma also took water shoes to protect herself against sea urchins, because you never know what the people from Zagorje could pull on us; they are ready to do anything just to make money off of you.
In order to substantiate the theory on what the people from Zagorje are like, I mentioned our last visit to the spa, when we

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