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because the ticket inspector kicked us out of the tram, and he also wrote down my ma’s info, claiming that the tickets are valid for two, not six hours.
When we got home, for the first time in a long time I didn’t run to my hideout to my stray dogs, but crawled into my mom’s bed, and we kept making promises to each other till eleven min- utes and thirty-six seconds past two in the morning.
The next morning, the jerk had the nerve to, imagine, call my ma on the phone, which forced me to turn into a wiretap. He said that he’d managed to escape with his life and he was very glad that we were okay as well, and he asked if my ma could lend him two hundred thousand convertible marks because he had lost his two hundred thousand in the Sava, and if she could give him that Darwil watch, you know, because of that threat he told us about, if we remember.
− Go to hell, you jerk, and leave me alone, I never want to see you or hear from you again!
And bam, she slammed down the phone.
God, how proud I was of my ma. She’s real cool and hot, and if I may – which, truth be told, you don’t normally say in occasions like this one, especially about persons of the fairer sex – my ma’s got balls.
I won my war, there was no longer any doubt; now my old man has to win his, so that we can patch up our family again.
Sleep well, dad, I’m watching over mom. ***
Even school didn’t seem so awful or difficult to me any- more. My grades were visibly improving, which again had noth- ing to do with the situation at home, but only with the results I got in tests and exams.

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