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Blindy began acting strange, but it no longer hurt me as much as when he chased me away from the twelfth floor.
Supposedly, he will go somewhere where they appreciate the blind more, because he was a little disappointed with the people here, and I think he mentioned Sweden, Finland or the North Pole – I just know that where he’s going, there are over six months of night, so for half a year it’s the same if you’re blind or not, because even those with the gift of sight can’t see a thing in that darkness. And the actual blind people, who do nothing but prepare and practice for such a situation all their lives, are a perfect fit for a life up there, and they have a huge advantage over other disabled people precisely because their night mode is constantly ON, so there, they work exclusively as tourist guides. I genuinely felt bad about him leaving me, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I just wished him a pleasant journey. As if I could have wished, God forbid, for him to regain his eyesight now that he had finally met all the requirements to be at an ad- vantage over all these northerners precisely because of his hand- icap. If he doesn’t know what to do with the flashlight, he might as well leave it to me, so it won’t be alone and so I’ll constantly remind it of him. He ended up saying he would keep it, because he still hoped to regain his eyesight some day.
Then why the hell is he heading north? ***
The sirens howled less and less, the war had been banished far away from my city, and in the meantime, they sent my old

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