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man back, even though we had no clue about that, to the vicinity of Zadar. Man, he sure knows how to enjoy himself, he’s at the seaside all the time, and we, fortunately, didn’t even manage to get to a spa.
We would still play football until the sound of the first siren or until a team would score six goals, because some days there would be no howls at all. Those days, even the fortunes of war turned in our favor. We beat Dado and his squad 6-5, and the fi- nal game was such a squeaker that some of the audience left the playground because they could no longer bear to watch it. And then I sent a ball all the way forward, in front of the opponent’s goal, and it landed right on the head of little Cico, who, while no one paid attention or kept an eye on him, made it all the way to sixth grade and was no longer as small as he was in the third grade, and, of course, he used that head to score a goal. So, they headed towards the center line, and then the sirens sounded the end of the game. And that’s exactly what I meant when I said that the fortunes of war turned in our favor.
The next morning, the police suddenly appeared in the neighborhood. We were sure that they were finally fed up with the thief who was still feasting on our valuables, but they were not interested in that at all, but rather in an inexplicable increase in the number of cases of domestic violence in our neighborhood and an unusually large number of applications for divorce. Looks like some idiot put some stupid and provocative poem in mail- boxes. Now that’s exactly what they’re investigating.
So, it turned out that my ma wasn’t the only one fooling around and that her case wasn’t a tad bit special, but rather a widespread phenomenon. It seems like in this neighborhood of ours so many have skeletons in their closets that no one will dare

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