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would go to north, and I had no idea, except that it would happen soon.
I’m afraid that my old man is only getting worse and worse and that his night madness has already clawed its way deep into the day. He almost left without saying goodbye, and I tried to lift my ma’s spirits with a proven method of colorful lies, but my ma is already coated with two anti-jerk coatings, so she no longer falls for balloons, clowns, the circus and cheerful drafts. Once you get burned, you only eat raw and bloody meat, and then you wonder why you are angry, grumpy and wicked.
The way things are going, I’d say that in the end I might even mourn the loss my step-jerk.
The fame we had gained went straight to our heads, so my low-lives from school and I didn’t want to play football anymore, which drove our opponents crazy, because we were supposed to give them a rematch in the name of some sort of fair play. After four years of sucking ass at football in a row, we didn’t owe an- yone anything, not even a rematch. After all, if they were smart, they would have thought of that when they were losing, instead of talking shit about us all around the school now. After all, who- ever loses has the right to be angry. It’s always been that way. I’m not telling you this rashly and for no reason, I speak from a place of a lot of experience in losing.
We are all slowly but surely sinking back into the good old schizophrenia. My ma has let herself go – the highlights are gone; Marina won’t even look at me anymore, she’s just strutting around school with that loser Dado again; Blindy just talks non- sense, everything grinds his gears and he complains all the time, as if he’s losing and not winning the war. Even the alerts are back

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