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on the floor with handcuffs on his hands and a sad blind look in my direction as my old man was giving orders.
− Dad, for God’s sake, leave this poor man be, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Guys, this is a big misunderstanding. What can a blind person be guilty of, has it come to the point that we are afraid of the blind as well?
And I see that everything and everyone is crazy, not just my old man, the crows have drained their brains, and that damn war, alcohol and cards were very likely also partially responsible for their madness, and no one wanted to laugh it all off as a joke, they were all still deadly serious and really strange, and my old man was the strangest one of all, yet it seems to me that he was also the leader of all that disgrace:
− Come on, Son, go back to school, it would be better for you not to see this. You’re always sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.
When I heard that the ever normal, calm and good Blindy had started to talk nonsense as well, I was sure that I had boarded a ship of fools, not an elevator to the twelfth floor of my Raff:
− Listen to your Dad. Dad is just doing his job like I did mine. Remember I told you that a man must do everything he can for his people. Besides, it’s not all that bad. I regained my eyesight in front of you just like you stopped stuttering in front of me.
I rushed to my stray dogs in the hideout under the stairs of the other entrance, terrified and desperate, not understanding an- ything in that world of adults. Is it possible for someone so good to be bad? Either us children see everything the wrong way and upside down – and if so, how can good be distinguished from evil at all – or the differences are actually so small that you have to grow up to be able to see them, and does that mean you can nev- er have friends because you can’t tell them apart from enemies? Looks like the only choice is to turn to animals. It was all so

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