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Strangely enough, my old man stayed home all that time, waiting for me to return and turn from a religious fanatic into an ordinary one, appropriate for my age – which was a little too de- manding an expectation after everything that had happened – so that he could personally explain everything to me in detail. Right after I walked through the door, I noticed that the iceberg be- tween my old man and my ma wasn’t there anymore, the iceberg I’d left to cool our apartment in the summer heat, which would have even made the Titanic sink. I felt that much warmer winds were already blowing, despite the draft.
In short, for a while, dad and his men had been on the trail of a dangerous and cunning spy who was sending a lot of impor- tant information about the situation in Zagreb, the mood among the people, the combat readiness of many of our troops, especial- ly dad’s, the training and composition of units, their progress, as well as war successes and positions, which he found out in a very cunning way.
− Very often he used you because you memorize numbers like a Xerox machine, and you showered him with figures about weapons, altitudes, people and other things like a groom show- ers his betrothed with promises, unconsciously absorbing all that information like a sponge while I talked to some of my fellow soldiers, and you had no idea what it was all about. When I fi- nally started having doubts about your friend, I sent a false mes- sage through you that only he could send to our enemies, and when that message reached the enemy and they acted exactly as expected, it was clear to us that we were on the trail of a very large fish. We followed him a little more, and then took action. But all that is nothing compared to the fact that he personally organized and led a spy-commando network through those so- called blind people, and that you sometimes conveyed messages to them without having a clue that he was deeply involved in the

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