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discovered in the laboratory that it was needed due to his war traumas, and they told him they would be there for him on even days in the afternoon and on odd days in the morning.
− Remember, it’s very simple. Even days: afternoon – E-A. Odd days: morning –O-M. Roger that? And feel free to drop by, don’t hesitate.
None of that has helped him; he still howls like a coyote. ***
I don’t stutter anymore, except when I get really angry. And why would I stutter? School’s almost over, my folks are both at home, my birthday is on June 15th, there’ll be gifts and cakes – I’m even a little afraid of the great happiness that is headed my way.
Dude, I have reached level 14 in this game we call life, and even though it’s almost been a day, no one remembered except for that stupid Marina who called me on the phone. No one. It’s already evening, and I can’t smell any cakes or hear any sweet squeals or barks from any basket. Nothing. I’m afraid the cel- ebration found its way around me this time. Okay, it’s not like I’m Napoleon or some other great painter, or what not, it’s not like the whole world should celebrate my birthday because of my virtue and glory, but then again, I’m not a nobody either, at least not on the fourth floor, yet my old man is staring into space and my ma into the television, and my birthday is eluding their feelings and attention, while gifts are eluding my hands. By Jove, I’d rather it wasn’t my birthday at all today, at least not my fourteenth birthday, because now I’m an old horse and I can’t even run to my stray dogs anymore. Now, in the end, when I’m all grown up, I can say this with certainty: it’s not easy being big,

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